Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hacking Big and Small

Dear Blogger Reader,  I recently had my website hacked - surprisingly, as I'm a pretty 'small fish' in a big pond.  At any rate, I have an ongoing blog at my website, only recently spreading into Blogger territory.  Here, I share my latest posting:


Dear Blog Reader,
They are hacking big and small.
They are hacking one and all.
They are hacking high and low.
They are hacking fast and slow.
They are hacking you and me.
If you don’t know it, you shall see.

Dear Blog Reader, Please accept my
Best apologies for saying ‘Nei,’ to
Reader comment uploading, you see,
I’ve been hacked – laid low by ... thievery.

Deceptively, one could abuse my home page.
How, I’m not sure, but instead turn to words sage:
“When the cat’s away, the mice will play,”
Although in France, I hear they “dance.”

So if you’d like to comment on my post,
I promise to be an appreciative host,
And consider your remarks by e-mail,
Sent to me which, as a (mouse) tail,
Can be added to my meritorious matter,
For development, discussion ... er, or chatter.

Thus, do I dispense (in part) with the fine art,
Silly web-trickery and muggery that is our age, post partum.

©June Edvenson
Please request permission  -required for reproduction or further publication

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